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Dazi and King Yades live in Paspanga, a suburb of Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Together they are BUUD KOMBAT, an a-capella hiphop combo. BUUD KOMBAT can be translated by "the children of the family"*

They are two young rappers longing to express their daily struggle through their voices, their most immediate instrument. Singing mostly in Mooré, the Mossi language, the songs are mixed up with powerfull french raps, expressing their grief about the living situation in their hometown and in Africa in general.

Buud Kombat"s discographie

08/2007 : Buud Gômdé (EP, SCHNURSTRAX Records)

dimanche 26 août 2007

Buud Gomdé

01 Ma songo
02 Mouvement Hiphop
03 Guerrier
04 Ligd Yiré
05 Touma (hommage)
06 Africa

original release date: 08/2007

lundi 6 août 2007

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